The Horrors of PayPal and What Power They Hold

7 months ago
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To the people of this world who work online, buy online or have ever had any dealing with PayPal…. This is for you. And more than that, this is for the people who have felt helpless to a faceless power.
I’ve thought long and before writing this letter in regards to the treatment PayPal acts on its users. I was planning on ranting and raving, but I’ve learned that rarely accomplishes anything. What works much better in my discovery is to speak to the countless people who’ve been wronged by companies like PayPal.

By someone unknown force, PayPal has been granted the ability to hurt people. And not just the elite, but average everyday people like yourself. People like me, like my friends, you, your spouse, sons and daughters.
I’m no fool, and neither are you…
And that is why you are reading this. Because at this moment in time, PayPal nearly has the same power along the lines of the IRS and some of the largest banking systems in the world.
This could be long, but please read on as I assure you PayPal is hurting a lot of very good people. My goal here is to shed light on the corruption of this massively powerful and very dark entity that has been known to destroy lives…

The world knows it as PayPal. But pal is a word often used with someone who really isn’t that close of a friend. In this case however, I’ve seen PayPal act like an enemy that has malicious intent.
They are almost a ghost like evil, that “helps” build businesses and then when they start to rise… It shuts them down and keeps their money for untruthful reasons.
I’m not speaking of big businesses either… I’m talking about regular, everyday people like you reading this. PayPal will withhold your money, use it for their own benefits and capitalize on your demise.
They make millions in interest on withholding their “clients” money…

I don’t know if you’ve ever started a business. But I can tell you this, it’s hard work, so hard it can be painful and when you put your faith into a supposedly trusted giant like PayPal and they use you, it hurts so bad you want to give up on life at times.
I’ve experienced it personally… And even now I watch as I some of my closest friends and people I care about are terrified at the fact that PayPal is holding their funds for 180 days.
The people who suffer are the business owners and the customers… It is never PayPal.
It’s appalling and disgusting to see this happen. Because I know the feeling, the thoughts that race through your head and that little voice that asks if it will ever be OK. And when you speak to a representative on the phone, they have a robotic like carelessness that leaves you feeling helpless.

It’s a hard world to succeed in these days…
When we take the ability away of people to gain their freedom through business, we take away everything that this world stands for and what millions have died fighting for.
PayPal is just an example. For any reason they see fit, they can lock assets instantly and permanently for that matter. They claim things like refunds as possible fraud as the reason. But when a small home ran shop, buy two young kids are the ones being hurt… And they’re doing everything they can to do things right and make it in this world are the ones getting hurt… Something is seriously wrong.
And the sad thing is, those refunds PayPal speak of, don’t even have to exist. They make false claims and seize funds at any time. It’s horrifying. When they freeze the funds, they destroy these hardworking kid’s chances of shining a positive ray of light in this world.
PayPal then capitalizes on the fact that the business will fail, they will make interest off the funds being held and when then time comes… And the hard-working kids who start these endeavors can’t make it… PayPal then gets to keep the money.
They use protocol on the phone and cold language patterns that demean the people suffering. Almost placing them in a cast like system where they value theses people’s worth on their monetary value. And ultimately, when lives crumble… They brush it off, laugh and walk away clear and free.
I must ask you this… How many times will you allow yourself to be hurt like this? How long will you let corporations like PayPal take advantage and use people. And more importantly, how long will you allow this to happen to the people you can care about? Your mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and cousins.

At some point, some of us MUST stand up for the people who are afraid to because they’ve been beaten down so hard. These are the people who commute every day and are told they have no chances in life and they must know the truth. It’s companies like PayPal that make them believe in these lies.
I believe if you look inward you will find the truth. You have that voice within you, the knowing that something is amiss in this world…
Because PayPal is just one of the many corporations developed in this world to exploit the people who have not yet understood the power they contain within them. The last thing I’ll say is these entities must be stopped. And its people like you who have the power to change everything.
Sighing out from ItsNoo,
Hank Klinger

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