The Entrepreneur Collection #1 -Grant Cardone

8 months ago
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grant cardone

“So what’s your point? It says best-selling, not best written bitch!”

Grant Cardone spoke those words the first time I heard him. The speech he was giving, was about finances, sales and the economy among other things.

“This guy is on point.” was the first thought that went through my head. Since then, I’ve studied Grant Cardone. His sales training is some of the best in the world, he continually delivers massive value.

He also doesn’t bullshit people. And I’m assuming you know who he is since you’re reading this. But just for chance sake, let me tell you a little more about Mr. Cardone. At 59 years, old, Cardone is one of the most admired marketer/sales professional and speakers in the world. He’s written several books which have gained rising popularity, throughout the entire Internet space.

And one of the most important notes, Grant does not play games. When he speaks, it’s best you pay attention. Because the words that come out of his mouth, are nothing short of being worth gold. The 10x Rule is one book that changed my life and you can find it here. It’s basically about scaling up your entire life.

More on Cardone

One of the greatest secrets of life is explained in The 10X Rule. It comes down to the fact that the goals you have, you’ll likely need to do 10 times more works, take 10 times more action and put forth 10 times more energy then you have been. Success is simple, but it’s not easy.  And no one explains this truth better than Cardone.

Here’s the thing about Grant, he’s also funny as hell. He doesn’t take shit from anyone, doesn’t listen to excuses, and has a very direct, no filter way of expressing himself. Some of my favorite moments online were watching live sales training with Grant. He would jump on a call and close people for packages worth over a hundred thousand dollars in just a matter of minutes… Amazing.

Back to reference that first quote I started this blog with, “Best-selling bitch!” Cardone was referring to a customer/student that picked up one of his books on selling. I can’t remember if it was Sell to Survive or Sell or Be Sold. Regardless, he was basically pointing out that it didn’t matter the book wasn’t the best written because Grant knew how to sell. He also made the point clear not to get hung up on technicalities, just get the job done.

His no B.S. approach to business as well as life is hard for me not to respect. Just listen to him speak about making money and business for 20 minutes, you’ll be half laughing because he’s bold and half saying, shit because you know Grant’s right. He may be too crass for some, people easily offended really don’t have a place in business or the online space. It’s a cutthroat, take no prisoners industry that Cardone understands like no one else and he shares his masterful wealth of knowledge about it all.

Along with being an author, Grant also has several courses, audio programs and even retreats where one can learn the art of selling from the best in the world. For example, he offers Cardone’s Sales University. A person can either choose to be a student of the University for a year or a lifetime. The university is designed to turn anyone into an automatic selling machine. And that’s awesome, because whether you admit it or not… Each of us is continually selling ourselves.

You sell yourself to your boss, to your significant other, to just about everyone in your life. So, you may as well learn how to sell. And when selling is performed the way Grant teaches it, it’s one of the most admirable professions in the world. One of the packages I believe would be life transforming is the Executive Mastermind Retreat. The retreat is 5 days with Grand Cardone and a full panel of speakers and trainers who will teach you how to advance your life to the next level. Now, these are not packages for the timid or the weak. But the great thing is, anyone can benefit from listening to Grant. He’s got a good outlook on life, is completely against negativity and leaves you with some very deep insights to ponder.

Grant Cardone Delivers Massive Value

If you ask Grant, successful people over deliver… And he does at every turn. Retweet the quote below and make sure you follow him on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

This post was written in appreciation for Mr. Cardone. A good friend of mine even went so far as to do a portrait of Grant. You can see the time lapsed video below. There are a few select entrepreneurs out there in the world who continually deliver and make shifts within the Internet, marketing and sales industries. And Grant is one of them. So, without any more need to say anything, thank you Grant Cardone for everything you do for all of us who look up to you out here. Below you can see the entire video created by Pavek Vasilik in tribute to Grant.

We’ll be doing a serious of about 12 portraits and posts about entrepreneurs like Grant Cardone. You’ll be able witness firsthand how the portraits are completed in beautifully rendered, time lapsed videos like the one below. Each portrait is completed by the founder of Noo and my good friend, Pavel Vasilik. And, you may even have the chance to pick up the original portrait, with 100% of proceeds being donated to charity.

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