5 Actors That Might Take The Role Of Wolverine

9 months ago
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Hugh Jackman came into our lives and filled our hearts with so much joy when he first appeared in X-Men in 2000.

Now with Logan finally done, is he going to walk away from it all like a cowboy into the sunset?


I grew up watching Hugh Jackman evolve as the Wolverine we know today, so it is hard to imagine anyone else even attempting to play the role.


For example, I feel like Pierce Brosnan is the real James Bond Because that is the Bond I grew up with. The rest is hard to accept, lets just leave that for another post. Anyways, I would like to get back to this whole “Passing The Torch” situation to the next Wolverine.


Here are my top five picks for the actors that I think just might take the cake.


5. Anson Mount

Anson Mount of AMC’s Hell On Wheels just may be able to pull it off! He is one of those actors that you may have seen but have not been able to quite place him.

Remember, Hugh Jackman was not a well known actor when he took the role of Wolverine.


Anson Mount has the rugged looks and is a very talented actor that portrays the role of “tortured” very well, he is also in great physical shape to play the role.

He stands at 6’2″ and yes he is a little bit older than our other picks, but we think that he would make a great Wolverine.

4. Ben Foster

Ben Foster is a very underrated actor whos face is recognizable but his name might escape you. He is very good at playing Insane and damaged characters.

Even though he never quite made the jump to Headlining movies or doing huge blockbuster films we are still ok as long as he keeps putting on

great performances.


He has had many amazing roles playing incredible characters such as Mars in Hostage (2005) which was an absolute maniac, Alpha Dog (2006)

where he took the role of Jake Mazursky. In my opinion an awesome character. Two of our favorite scenes and I am sure you will agree is getting fired, (he did a great job playing a tweaker) and looking for Johnny TrueLove at the party scene as he lays everyone out. Lone Survivor (2013) was a great film where Ben Foster went on and portrayed Matt ‘Axe’ Axelson a Navy Seal that lost his life the line of duty in an epic battle.


Ben Foster is actually almost the perfect height for the Comic Book Wolverine and also has shown that he can bulk up and play very versatile characters.

3. Taylor Kitsch

The Friday Night Lights actor Taylor Kitsch was well know for his portrayal of “Tim Riggins” and also movies like John Carter (2012) in which he played a character that was teleported to Mars to save the say. He was also in Lone Survivor and a X-men movie we all wish had never been made, (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) and the only good that that came out of that arm pit known as a movie was Taylor’s portrayal of Gambit (Remy Etienne LeBeau) He truly felt like Gambit. He had his voice down perfect along with that weird almost French like accent.

From films like Lone Survivor we know that he has the build to play a character like Wolverine and this is just another one of our choices of an actor to play Wolverine.

2. Charlie Hunnam

Best known for his role in The hit FX show Sons Of Anarchy as Jax Teller, Charlie Hunnam definitely has what it takes to play Wolverine. Although he is 6’1″ and much taller than the comic book Wolverine but that can be overlooked.


This could be the break that Charlie has been looking for, all we would have to do is dye his hair change a few other things and were good to go. The actor is only 36 years old so he would be able to play the role for a while.


1. Tom Hardy

We all know who Tom Hardy is and he is one of the more well known actors of our list. He has proven time and time again that he can handle the range and the physical requirements to be the next Wolverine.


Now lets just see if Tom Hardy is intimidating enough to be Wolverine. Lets just take a look at his impressive resume, Warrior (2011) who was the Boxer son of an ex alcoholic and if you have seen the movie you were probably thinking what we were thinking. Time to hit the gym and get crazy traps because he straight up looked like a Ninja Turtle and made us all look like pussies. We can also take a look at his roles in Bronson and the Dark Knight Rises but we wont because it scares us just talking about it.


He would actually be more true to the original Wolverine Comic Book character who was 5’3″ tall and Tom Hardy stands at a solid 5’9″ ( not bad )


So what do you think of our list? Leave your comments below!

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